Will I get my order in time?

Posted on November 26, 2013 by Angie Andriot

With the holidays fast approaching, timeliness of orders is becoming ever so important. So, I've put together this guide to when stuff is fulfilled, when it ships, and when you can expect to get it. As a general rule, orders are processed the day after they are placed, and then shipped the following day. Why the following day? Because USPS does their pickup here at around 10 am.

I have occasional part-time help, but generally most orders are filled by me. Here's how it works: By about 10 am every morning, I print out the orders that are waiting for me, and start packing and filling. By the end of the day, I've boxed them all up, printed the labels, and set them out for the post office to pick up the following morning. So, if you place an order after 9am on Monday, It'll be in the queue to be printed and filled on Tuesday, then go out in Wednesday's mail....Give or take a day. If I finish filling orders and it's only 1pm, I'll check for more orders and fill those the same day. Or if it gets to be 5pm and I'm not finished with the day's orders, some will get filled the following day. Hence the "ORDERS ARE USUALLY FILLED WITHIN 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS."

That process can be sped up if you need a rush delivery. I can personally take your package to the post office on the same day I fill it, thus shaving a day off your wait. And if your order is placed early in the day, I can fill it AND take it to the post office on the same day you place the order, thus shaving two days off your wait. Possibly three days, if it's a busy time of year. Like Christmas. However, taking time out of my day to make a trip to the post office takes time....so there is a $10 rush order fee to cover that extra effort on my part. Note that this does not change the amount of time the post office takes to deliver your package after it leaves my hands. For that you have to upgrade to Express Mail. 

One the package is on its way, the time to delivery depends on the type of postage you bought. First Class? 3 days. Priority? 2 days. Express? 1 day. 

Now, these are all business days. I work Monday - Friday. The US Post office delivers Monday - Saturday. Here's a handy chart. The first column is the day you placed your order. The second column is the day it will probably arrive if you chose Priority shipping. The third is for Express shipping. 

Need it even faster? That's where the rush shipping add-on comes in. International? Add a week to the estimate. 

 I placed my order after 10 am on: Priority Mail will probably arrive on the following: Express Mail will probably arrive on the following:
Sunday - Monday Friday Thursday
Tuesday Saturday Friday
Wednesday Monday Saturday
Thursday Tuesday Monday
Friday - Saturday Thursday Wednesday


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