With My Hair Elixir I Shall Rule the World

hair perfume makes for pretty hair!Okay, hair elixir may not help me take over the world. But it will improve my sensory output on three of the five dimensions: scent, sight, and touch. Heck, maybe even taste. I haven't tried.

So I guess the better line would be "Hair elixir: it may help you take over the world, but it will certainly make you look, smell, and maybe even taste better while doing it."

So many women wreak havoc on their hair every day, accosting it with blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, dyes, and all the myriad other instruments of hair torture in our growing arsenal. However, in the process of developing a hair perfume for my own line, I've come to see first-hand the benefits of jojoba oil for rejuvenating and enriching my own hair. It could work for you, too.

To be honest, I don't really do too much of that stuff to my own hair anyway. I wash it about once a week, comb it every other day or so, and wear it up a lot. Especially in summer. Especially THIS summer, with the ridiculous heat waves we've been having. I swear I am going to melt before Autumn hits.

I will be a puddle. Just wait.

But why would hair elixir be the answer? Well, I think it has a lot more to do with how I make my perfume than with the actual scents. But then, I am not really all that versed in the medicinal effects of certain essential oils. That could add a whole 'nother layer to this.

You see, all my perfumes start with a jojoba base. Now, we often call this an oil, but really it's a liquid wax. In fact, jojoba oil is about as close to human sebum as you can get with a vegetable oil. What this means for bodily application is that it mimics our own chemistry - making your body less likely to react negatively against its application. Jojoba oil is less likely to cause your skin to break out, and it's less likely to make your hair look greasy. In fact, it's barely noticeable - jojoba makes your hair look as though it is naturally shiny and full. This is partly because it's not merely a trick of the eye. When applied to the ends of your hair, jojoba keeps them from splitting. When massaged into the scalp, it prevents dandruff. Add some vitamins, some scent, and you really have a great hair serum! A hair potion, if you will. Also, perfumed hair oil carries scent much longer than when applied to skin. Amaaaaazing!

Want to make your own hair elixir? It could be a simple as just getting some straight jojoba oil and massaging it into your hair. But where's the concocting fun in that? Instead, get creative. Break out those essential oils, fragrance oils, or whatever else you have in stock. Mix up a heady scent (haha, get it? heady? for your head?), and incorporate it into the jojoba at about a 10% dilution. Know your essential oil properties? Use that to make a really magical hair serum.

Add some Vitamin E if you have it on hand. Some say this will encourage your hair to grow. A bit of glycerin can be good for hair too. Try tossing that in! Work on your proportions till you get something that works for you.

Half the fun is in the mixing. The other half is when you start seeing the benefits of your labor. And if you don't feel like mixing your own concoctions, just wait. I will be releasing my own hair serum for sale soon. Keep an eye out!