Mother and Daughter Perfume Party

My daughter and I spent the afternoon sitting around a table covered end-to-end with vials of scents, graduated cylinders, pipettes, tester strips, and various other sundries.

Oh yes - we were mixing ourselves up some fragrances. Jillian likes to call it mixing potions.

We're both working on our debut artisan lines. Jillian's line is fairy-inspired: Fairy Berry, Fairy Bog, Watermelon Ice, and Chocolate Mimosa. They smell delicious, and very kid-friendly!

Mine is a Camelot line: each scent is inspired by some aspect of Arthurian legend. So far, I'm working on Lady of the Lake, Morgan le Fay, Excalibur, and Pendragon. Their scents are a little more grown up, slightly darker, with a bit of a vintage edge.