Fougere Splendide by Piacare

The story of how I ended up with a vial of Fougere Splendide by Piacere Sentuale is one of impulse and fate. But first, the perfume:

"Fougere style perfume blend, re-invented in my own rich warm foundation of lavender, patchouli and oakmoss, enhanced with hints of sweet tobacco, labdanum, amber, and sweet musk. Imagine an earthy fern-grove, herbal with verve, big opening and sensuous drydown. (Not a classic masculine fougere, this works for either sex -- neither floral or overly woody.)"

I'm a sucker for a good fougere, and the idea of one that was more androgynous appealed to me. Plus, I love those bottles! I actually have some green ones that I use for my own perfumes. It just seemed like fate that I would happen across a fougere in my favorite bottle style.

So, I bought it. Little did I know that the real amazing coincidence had yet to occur.

The perfume arrived today. The scent is divine - like that sweet smell that rises out of the forest floor just after a light summer rain. It makes me want to go hiking in the deep woods. But it also reminded me of an antique mall. And I though....well, that's weird.

And then I remembered.

What it really reminded me of is the residual perfume that was in my antique miniature bottle I recently procured from Antiques Attic in New Albany. So, I went and got out the bottle. And I swear, they are almost a perfect match. It's kinda freaky, really.

I have a brand new, vintage-style perfume!

If you like vintage fragrances, and love the smell of the woods after a light summer rain, I recommend this scent. You could wear this, and envision yourself a time-travelling forest-dweller, out on the adventure of a lifetime, and ready to ensnare all passersby with your beguiling aroma.

That's certainly what I plan to do with it.