Fairy Berry Perfume

Fairy Berry adEverything is starting to come together here at the Vetiver Laboratory! While in the process perfecting the fragrances for the two perfume lines soon launching from Vetiver Aromatics, we are also putting together the stories and visuals to accompany each fragrance. The plan is to have the packaging ready at about the same time the perfumes are ready to debut.

The Fairyland line is all designed by my daughter and apprentice, Jillian. Her fragrance Fairy Berry reflects her personality - it has this bright, tart top note with a crisp and tangy swag, but quickly dries down into something deeper, with this amazingly robust sweetness that playfully lingers.

It's a fruity floral with a vanilla undertone. Raspberry and blueberry notes predominate. This scent is made with a combination of fragrance and essential oils held in a jojoba oil base. This one's going to be really spectacular, I can tell already!

So, what do you think of the ad?