Vetiver's 2012 Makeover!

There are some great changes in store for Vetiver Aromatics this year! First, the entire website has gotten a makeover. Now everything is streamlined - the blog, the checkout, everything is in the same place with the same design. The only time customers need to leave the site is to pay for their purchases. This will still happen by going over to a secure PayPal page. And I may eventually even integrate PayPal into the website itself so even that happens onsite - but that entails paying PayPal a monthly fee.

One sad thing about the website makeover is that we lost all our blog comments and our product reviews.  Faded away in the aether. That was quite a bummer. SO, if you've used a Vetiver product and loved it, please post a review! Or, ahem - repost. Sorry.

In addition to the website makeover, the fragrance oil labels are also getting an update. You can see the first draft in the photo (which was taking with my lovely new Canon EOS Rebel!).

Also look forward to integration with Google Shopping and, as well as greater representation of our artisan perfumes at local boutiques - starting with the Valentines Day line that is currently in the works. Three perfumes, each with a distinctly different love story to convey.

Jillian and I have been concocting away, and we plan to have more artisan fragrances out for Spring. I also have some great ideas for new themed perfume kits: one for kids, too!

Stay tuned!

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