Scratch & Sniff Jeans

Holy cow I can have a raspberry-scented bum. And for $165, so can you! "But Angela!" (you might ask), "I don't want to have to walk around with raspberries tucked away in places raspberries should never be!"

"Ah," I say. "There is another way." And here it is: You remember those scratch and sniff stickers from childhood? Well now there's scratch and sniff jeans! Oh thank you, Perfume Shrine, for alerting the world to such technological advances. The jeans are available from the colette website. (Warning: they play music - mind you, the song I heard was pretty nifty. But still. Enforced auditory assault. Not cool).

But after seeing this, I was inspired: can there be more? Scratch and sniff underwear, perhaps? Well, not quite. But hark!

These people have a scratch and sniff printer, that they claim can print on just about anything. ANYTHING. I'm thinking scratch-n-sniff socks. Or scratch-n-sniff wood to build a table out of. Scratch-n-sniff paint for my bedroom. The possibilities are endless! Scratch-n-sniff jewels for necklaces. SCRATCH AND SNIFF PAPER. AND BUSINESS CARDS. Oh, these are totally going to be my next business cards. The only decision now is, what scent?

And I totally want to start marketing scratch and sniff socks now.