Eau de Macbook

Ah, what's better than the smell of a freshly unboxed Macbook. I mean, that's what makes computers special right? The smell? Sure, there are people who cling to their old paperbacks, resistant to giving up the feel of flipping the pages, the whiff of old book that comes with each new turn. But others prefer the clean, fresh, plastic aroma of a computer.

There's a perfume for that.

Well, kinda. It's not for sale. The fragrance was developed by Air Aroma for an art exhibit. But hey - if we can have a perfume that smells like old books, why not a perfume that smells like new computers?

By the way, I've tried In the Library by CB I Hate Perfume. I love it, everyone I have forced to sniff it loves it. I think it smells like old books, but strangely, most others disagree. Man, now I want to smell the Eau de Macbook. Heck, maybe I'll just make my own. What else would make a weird, but potentially awesome perfume?

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