New Perfume Kit!

Posted on April 28, 2012 by admin

There is a new perfume making kit available from Vetiver Aromatics! This new kit offers a whopping 36 fragrance oils. In addition to the 22 that are currently available on the website, the kit previews 14 more oils that will roll out in the next few months. However, you can get the oils now by purchasing this Deluxe Kit! This is an upgrade of our previous deluxe kit, which included only 20 oils - that kit has been rebranded. So, now customers have four kit options:

  1. Basic Kit ($38): 6 oils plus supplies
  2. Apprentice Kit ($72): 12 oils plus supplies
  3. Artisan Kit ($106): 20 oils plus supplies
  4. Deluxe Kit ($146): 36 oils plus supplies

And here are the new oils scheduled to debut:

  1. Lilac
  2. Orange Blossom
  3. Apricot
  4. Basil
  5. Sage
  6. Almond
  7. Cinnamon
  8. Coffee
  9. White Musk
  10. Leather
  11. Vetiver
  12. Frankincense
  13. Maple
  14. Frankincense

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