Essential Oils Coming to Vetiver

Oh yes- essential oils at Vetiver Aromatics! After much research and product-testing from various sources, we are ready to start launching our own essential oil offerings, right here on the website!

Since winter is fast approaching, we have decided to start with a set of essential oils that are particularly suited to the chilly weather. The first offering: Fresh Ginger Root Essential Oil.  Ginger essential oil is often used to ease nausea. It is also an excellent addition to blends used for massage, as it can ease muscle aches, arthritis pain, and improve circulation. If you have a cold or the flu, ginger makes a great addition to an all-natural chest rub. Its warming properties can be very soothing.

Also coming soon:

  • pine oil from Bulgaria
  • peppermint oil from the United States
  • lavender oil from France
  • rosemary oil from Morocco
  • eucalyptus oil from Australia
  • and a lovely Christmas EO blend!

Yippee! And you know what else is special about these oils? They are ALL useful during cold and flu season. Each of these essential oils provides aromatherapeutic properties that are specific to helping those down with sniffles, runny noses, aches and pains, congestion, and all that fun stuff. Soon we will offer a complete winter health arsenal. And a Cold and Flu kit, as well! Just in time for the holidays.