Happy New Year from Vetiver Aromatics!

Holy cow this has been a great first full year in business! Ah, I remember the days back when Vetiver was a wee dream, and a nascent startup, finding its way into the world waaaaay back in June of 2011. Oh, and look! Our first blog post, Soulful Perfumery.

So where are we now? Still a small, independent business. Contemplating adding more soul to the business by switching over to an ALL NATURAL fragrance oil supplier for our fragrance oils. More on that later.

Where else? Well, the website is fancier. Have you checked it out lately? Rockin' a flash slider, and a new price sheet page for the fragrance oils.

We got all sorts of fancy security for our website, and then started offering credit card processing as a payment option. Soon, multiple shipping options too!

We started adding essential oils....and puttered out. Those are still coming. Promise!

Other plans for this year: testing our fragrances in soap, candles, etc, and reporting on the results. Adding more perfume making supplies - especially expanding the selection of perfume bottles, storage bottles, decanting supplies, etc. More perfume making kits. More formula sharing.

And more blogging, and more newsletters!

Let the games begin!