Product Changes

Alas, we have decided to stop carrying the all natural fragrance oils. They just aren't going over well - the scents are too sweet, and they don't work in cold processed soap. Fact is, they just aren't selling. 

Instead, I'm going to bring back the old versions of the fragrances as the all natural ones sell out. We're already back to the old rose (and whoooo boy did I get some complaints about the all natural rose smelling bad!). The rose we carry now is our OLD rose. It smells like fresh cut roses. Like strolling through a rose garden. Seriously. I just strolled through a rose garden at Biltmore Estates and it smelled a lot like the rose fragrance oil we NOW carry. 

We're also back to the old honeysuckle (still sweet, but not sickeningly so like the all natural honeysuckle was to many customer noses). 

However, if you were buying the all natural fragrance oils and still want them for more than just a closeout sale, give us a call and we'll hook you up with the name and number of our supplier. They do have a 5lb minimum, which is actually pretty low for a wholesale supplier!