Raising Funds for the CDC Foundation

Raising Funds for the CDC Foundation

These are tumultuous and anxiety-ridden times, and we want to do our part to help. So we created a custom hand sanitizer kit to sell as a fundraiser. 100% of the profit from these kits will go to the CDC Foundation. "Together our impact is greater."

These kits contain a hand sanitizer base that is 70% ethyl alcohol - the CDC recommends a minimum of 60%. This gives you room to include up to 10% fragrance (though you shouldn't need that much!). 

You can find out more about our kit by clicking here. 

Stay home. Make custom hand sanitizer. Give back.  

The work the Center for Disease Control is doing right now is sacred and deserves to be supported. With your help, it shall be.

We hope that everyone is happy, healthy, and safe during this pandemic. 

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