Custom Fragrance

Posted on November 25, 2012 by admin

I'm sending out samples today for a custom fragrance design. This person was given a custom fragrance as a gift - what an excellent gift idea! Custom perfume is the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone in your life.

These samples are all-natural accords blended from essential oils, resins, absolutes, and other all natural ingredients. Although most of the offerings in our store are fragrance oils (synthetic), we are slowly but surely adding all natural offerings in the essential oil section as well. And, of course, my atelier is stocked with numerous oils not available on the website. If you're looking for a fragrance unique to you, consider a custom perfume from Vetiver Aromatics for your custom perfume needs!

Also coming soon: fancy gift certificate packages, so you have something tangible to give as a gift!

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Now Available: Fartisan Fragrances? Oops.

Posted on February 15, 2012 by aandriot

[caption id="attachment_707" align="aligncenter" width="360" caption="Fartisan Fragrances!"][/caption]

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Love Stories Fragrances

Posted on January 15, 2012 by aandriot

Just in time for Valentine's Day! Today marks the debut of our new fragrance line: Love Stories.

The ancient Greeks recognized three main forms of love – Philia, Eros, and Agape. Virtuous and platonic, Philia is the love of the mind – the deep ties connecting the closest of friends.

Erotic and sensual, Eros is the love of the body – that spark of attraction, the way your skin tingles when you meet that certain someone’s eyes from across the room.

And finally, Agape – the love of the soul. Perfect, unconditional love. The highest form of love. This love transcends friendship, family, and romance. It is the love of soulmates, divine love in human form.

Three forms of love. Three fragrances. Which one will you choose?

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Watermelon Ice Perfume

Posted on August 11, 2011 by aandriot

Watermelon Ice Perfume

Watermelon Ice is a favored treat among the fairyfolk, often served at parties and other festive occasions. We have successfully harnessed the scent of this revered delicacy, and now present it to the human realm as a delectable fragrance.

Watermelon Ice's predominant note comes from...well... the watermelon. This juicy, refreshing melon epitomizes a hot summer afternoon. In certain parts of the South, it is considered uncouth to discuss pregnancy openly in front of children. As such, pregnant women are said to have “swallowed a watermelon seed.” And thus children everywhere have fastidiously avoided eating those tiny black seeds, for fear of becoming watermelon incubators, or worse - pregnant. This modern fertility symbol has some scientific backing: watermelon contains citrulline, a known stimulator of nitric oxide, which in turn stimulates libido.

This delicately sweet scent is both coy and alluring. Watermelon Ice is a fruity floral fragrance. Watermelon and lily notes predominate. It has a sweet, fruity top note reminiscent of a spring rain, drying down to reveal an underlayer of subtle florals enhanced with a hint of resinous amber.

This scent is made with a combination of fragrance and essential oils suspended in a jojoba oil base. It comes in a 15 ml glass bottle with a jewel-topped wand applicator.

Step into the realm of faery with your own Fairyland Fragrance. Want more? This scent also comes in body lotion, bubble bath, shower gel, and room spray.

Our artisan perfumes are handmade in small batches, infused with care and love, and packaged beautifully. We take pride in our presentation, because great perfume should be displayed with style.

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Fairy Berry Perfume

Posted on August 06, 2011 by aandriot

Fairy Berry adEverything is starting to come together here at the Vetiver Laboratory! While in the process perfecting the fragrances for the two perfume lines soon launching from Vetiver Aromatics, we are also putting together the stories and visuals to accompany each fragrance. The plan is to have the packaging ready at about the same time the perfumes are ready to debut.

The Fairyland line is all designed by my daughter and apprentice, Jillian. Her fragrance Fairy Berry reflects her personality - it has this bright, tart top note with a crisp and tangy swag, but quickly dries down into something deeper, with this amazingly robust sweetness that playfully lingers.

It's a fruity floral with a vanilla undertone. Raspberry and blueberry notes predominate. This scent is made with a combination of fragrance and essential oils held in a jojoba oil base. This one's going to be really spectacular, I can tell already!

So, what do you think of the ad?

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