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  • Scent Story: Osmanthus

    Scent Story: Osmanthus

    According to Chinese legend, the gates to the Moon Palace are decorated by a giant immortal osmanthus tree. The palace is inhabited by the Goddess Ch'ang-O, who swallowed a magic...

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  • Scentational Story: Gardenia

    A true southern flower, the Gardenia, or Cape Jasmine, gets its powerful scent from its creamy fragrant white flowers. In ancient Victorian society, the gift of a flower held great...

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    Scentational Story: Gardenia
  • New Fragrance Oils!

    Behold, we have released four new florals to welcome the new year! Now available: Gardenia Osmanthus Violet Lily of the Valley You can find our full list of florals here....

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  • Scentational Story: Lavender

    This scent is said to calm untamed lions and tigers. A favorite of Queen Elizabeth, she infused her tea with lavender as well as wore its oil as a perfume....

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    Scentational Story: Lavender
  • Scentational Story: Honeysuckle

    Scentational Story: Honeysuckle

    Luxuriously sweet, this bell-shaped flower stores ambrosial nectar within its bulb, ready to harvest by those in the know. Victorian girls were not allowed to bring honeysuckle into the home...

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