New Fragrances!

Posted on June 04, 2014 by Angie Andriot

Behold, we have just released a line of EIGHT new fragrance and essential oils! You can check out the new oils here, on our newly created "NEW" category for fragrances! Now you can handily and easily check for new scents. And of course, we will still alert all newsletter subscribers whenever new items are released. 

We have also released a new product line - SINGLE NOTE PERFUMES. These are the same eau de parfum scents that come in the fragrance bar, just now in ready-to-apply perfume bottles. For now, you must choose the scent from a dropdown menu. However, we plan to eventually create separate product pages for each, so that it is easier to buy multiple scents. These are best used in combination, just like mixing your own fragrance, except now you can do it directly on your wrist in the morning! 

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Perfume Kit Gift Set

Posted on January 13, 2013 by admin

Our new perfume kit gift sets are now available, and just in time for Valentine's Day!

What distinguishes these sets from the others is that they are particularly designed to be given as gifts - they are packaged with flower petal fillers, organza bows, and contain multiple high quality glass perfume bottles for holding the end product. They also differ in that these kits offer perfumer's alcohol as the perfume base, rather than fractionated coconut oil, as the other perfume kits do.

This beautifully packaged perfume gift set comes with three perfume bottles for storing your final perfume creations – a red metal shell atomizer, a 30ml glass bottle, and an adorable heart-shaped travel bottle with a red tassel. Choose between three fragrance blends: efflorescent, verdant, and gourmand. Each perfume kit contains 8 1/8oz vials of fragrance for making your own perfume - just enough to fill the three bottles.

The kit contents rest on a bed of dried rose petals contained inside a gift quality red kraft jewelry box, wrapped in an organza bow -a perfectly presented gift for that creative woman in your life!

Get your perfume kit gift set today!


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New Fragrance Oils!

Posted on January 03, 2013 by admin

Behold, we have released four new florals to welcome the new year! Now available:

You can find our full list of florals here. You can also purchase a floral sampler pack, containing 1/8 oz vials of all 10 of our florals! Then step into our materials section and pick up any other items you might need for perfume making, because 10 1/8 oz vials of fragrance base can blend to make at least 1 oz of perfume - 3 oz if you just dump all the oils together.

Anyone ever do that at the soda fountain? Mix all the sodas together and make a "suicide"?  How about a suicide floral blend? Do it. We dare you.

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