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  • Scentational Story: Jasmine

    Scentational Story: Jasmine

    Jasmine is the flower of seduction. According to legend, Cleopatra soaked the sails of her ship in ambrosial Jasmine before sailing off to seduce Mark Antony. This small but powerful...

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  • Online Perfume Shop Sneak Peek

    Want a sneak peek at the perfume shop as it is being constructed? Take a look. The complete inventory should be up by Tuesday!

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  • First Party: Mission Accomplished

    Sound the bells, for my first "Under Construction" perfume party is now complete! It was a super fun afternoon of sitting around drinking wine, eating fruit, chatting, and making perfume...

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  • Soulful Perfumery

    In this Age of Stuff, people are inundated with ceaseless displays of junk. Increasingly more items are mass-produced overseas, and then shipped to generic Big Box Stores where even cashiers...

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