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  • Oriental Bloom

    Oriental Bloom by Sarah Ortega My mother inspired my blend to make for her a sophisticated scent which was unique for her. I have named the scent Oriental Bloom. IngredientsFrankincense...

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  • Floral Blend

    Floral Blend by Jessica Deamer To date this is one of my favorite perfume recipes: Ylang Ylang EO (5 parts)Rose Water Concentrate (2 parts)Jasmine EO (3 parts) My Mother loves...

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  • Everlasting Marriage

    Everlasting Marriage by Ella Bennett Below is my recipe for Lasting Marriage. A soft, smooth and lingering blend inspired by my Mother, who loves wearing all of the ingredients. Her wedding...

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  • Midsummer Dream

      <3 Midsummer Dream Winter blues got you down? Well Vetiver has just the thing to remind you of those warm summer days! This perfume was inspired by a customer request...

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  • Water Sprite

      Here is a perfume recipe for a light floral. I call it water sprite because it reminds me of a fresh spring rain, and it has a youthful fun...

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