Perfume Bar - Add a Guest


So you are buying a perfume bar, but have an odd number of guests attending? Or perhaps you had that last minute RSVP to your party? Well, have no fear, for now you can customize your bar and order just want you need!

The "Add a Guest" option above gives you everything you need for one extra person to attend your bar! Each extra guest will receive:

          * 10 fragrance strips for testing scents and blends

          * A clear 1 dram vial for to create a sample scent

          * 1 formula card for recording recipes

          * Depending on your bar: 1 metal shell atomizer or roll-on of your color choice

Just make sure to choose your atomizer or roll-on color to match your theme! We also recommend that if you have 5 or more guests attending to add on an extra individual scent as well!

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