Absinthe (Wormwood) Essential Oil (Bulk)

Absinthe Mythology

Wormwood, or artemisia absinthium, is the main ingredient in the popular green drink absinthe. Also referred to as "the green fairy," many believe that absinthe causes hallucinations. Wormwood is also poisonous in high doses. So don't go and drink this stuff!

The oil is a very dark green to bluish-green or brownish-green color with an intensely herbaceous-green, sharp and fresh top note. The odor is reminiscent of cedar leaf oil but not as sweet and more dry-woody in the body note, giving a very interesting and unique odor for perfumery. What we offer here is the true Wormwood, native to Europe. This oil should not be confused with the Chinese “mugwort” or "absinthe" oil, which is derived from a different species. 

Product Details

Type: Family: Note: Flashpoint: Botanical Name: Plant Part: Extraction Method: Origin: Documents:
Essential Oil Verdant Heart 120° artemisia absinthium flowering tops Steam Distilled USA MSDS


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