Essential Oil Sampler

Sample all 18 of our essential oils. This set includes your choice of either 1/8 oz, 1/4 oz, or 1 oz sizes. Or try our Essential Oil Kit instead!

fragrance name family name fragrance note
Absinthe verdant heart
Basil verdant heart
Bergamot fruitaceous top
Blood Cedar arboraceous heart
Douglas Fir arboraceous heart
Eucalyptus verdant top
Ginger Root gourmand base
Lavender efflorescent heart
Lemon fruitaceous top
Muhuhu  OUT OF STOCK (Sandalwood FO will be sent instead) arboraceous base
Neroli (eo blend) efflorescent top
Orange fruitaceous top
Patchouli terrestrial base
Peppermint gourmand top
Rosemary verdant heart
Tea Tree verdant heart
Vetiver terrestrial base
Western Red Cedarwood arboraceous heart