Beeswax (Beads)

A Base for Your Fragrances

Beeswax is an ancient and natural carrier for creating solid perfume. Our beeswax is cosmetic grade and refined to purify the wax and remove any residue from being in the honeycomb. It comes in its natural yellow color and is sold in little beads to make melting and mixing more convenient for you. Beeswax is also known for its fixative properties helping to anchor more volatile fragrance notes together. It is the perfect carrier agent also for those working within a natural perfumery palette.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember beeswax should always be melted by double boiler method and not directly over heat. Beeswax does not boil, it only grows hotter and hotter until it catches on fire. Use extreme caution and never leave beeswax unattended while over heat.


Product Details

Type: Botanical Name: Shelf Life: Sourced From: Documents:
Carrier Wax Cera Alba Indefinite China MSDS