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Douglas Fir Essential Oil
Douglas Fir Essential Oil

Douglas Fir Essential Oil

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About this Essential Oil

Douglas Fir oil has a pine-like, fresh, sweet, balsamic aroma. Douglas firs have great medicinal properties and is used to treat the common cold, asthma, headaches, and arthritis. The aroma is great for forest, outdoor, or holiday blends in soaps, deodorants, and aromatherapy. 

Douglas Fir Mythology

Douglas-Fir has a beautiful light note, and although not really from the fir tree family, this evergreen is sure to win your heart. There is an old tale of a mouse seeking refuge inside its pine cone, so this hearty oil is often used in protection rituals. Native Hawaiians used to build double hulled canoes, called waʻa kaulua, from coastal logs that had drifted ashore the island. In modern times, people often seek out this tree as decoration for Christmas celebrations. 

Product Details

Type: Family: Note: Flashpoint: Botanical Name: Plant Part: Extraction Method: Origin: Documents:
Essential Oil Arboraceous Heart 197° Pseudotsuga menziesii Needle Steam Distilled Canada MSDS, IFRA


Pure Essential Oils

All our essential oils are premium grade, alcohol-free, phthalate-free, and undiluted. They are 100% pure, and sourced only from the most reputable distributors. We work hard to ensure that your perfume ingredients are top-quality, highly concentrated, and will mix neatly with both alcohol and oil bases. These are not ready to wear as fragrances – they MUST be diluted before applying directly to skin. It is always a good idea to do a patch test for allergies, even with natural materials. And of course – do not eat the oils. No matter how yummy they may smell.

Note: Although these are phthalate-free and 100% natural, they are NOT non-toxic. Don't eat them. Don't drink them. Patch test on skin. Dilute before wearing.

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