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Perfume Kit Gift Set

Perfume Kit Gift Set

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  • Perfume Kit Gift Set

With all the tools she needs to build custom fragrances, she'll walk around knowing nobody else smells like her... because nobody else is like her.

This beautifully packaged perfume gift set comes with perfume bottles for storing your final perfume creations - a red metal shell atomizer (or clear roll-on with gold lid), a 30ml glass bottle, and an adorable heart-shaped travel bottle.

A perfectly presented gift for that creative woman in your life!


This is What You Get

  • 5 ml red metal shell purse atomizer or spiral roll-on with gold lid*
  • 4 ml heart shaped bottle with red tassel cap
  • 2 empty 1-dram vials
  • perfumer's funnel
  • 100 fragrance test strips
  • 5 formula cards for recording blends
  • Introduction to Artisan Perfumery pamphlet
  • 2 oz carrier
  • 8 1/8 oz vials fragrance oils
  • 8 black screw thread droppers

Fragrance Oils Included

Fresh Water
White Musk

* Atomizer will come with alcohol based set, and the roll-on will come with any oil based set. We cannot ship alcohol based kits outside of the mainland USA.

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