Perfumer's Palette

Blending Made Easy

Are you interested in perfumery but not keen on the science behind creating your own scents?Then try out our new Perfumer's Palette. This kit features 12 our beautiful frosted clear glass roll-ons each filled with an alluring scent of your choice with a gold lid! We also include an instruction booklet to get you started and 5 recipe cards for recording your favorite blends.

All fragrance notes included in the Perfumer's Palette are pre-diluted (20% Fragrance and 80% Carrier Agent) and ready to use. They are perfect for layering. Simply select the fragrances you want to blend, then combine them by applying a circle of oil on your wrists from each scent. Just think of the possibilities! With twelve choices you could have a unique fragrance to wear everyday!

Any fragrance note from the kit can also be worn by itself, or in any combination you desire. Use your creativity to create blends you are sure to love. This kit also make a perfect gift for that special someone who loves to smell different for every special occasion!

This is what you get

The Perfumer's Palette comes in a brown jewelry box for safe storing of your roll-ons when not in use. This kit gives you 5 recipe cards for recording blends, an instruction booklet and features the following default list of fragrances. Feel free to customize your own palette by leaving us a note at checkout of your preferred choices instead.The only oils NOT AVAILABLE for this kit are the Ginger Root Essential Oil, Neroli Essential Oil Blend, Rosemary Essential Oil, Vetiver Essential Oil, and Western Red Essential Oil. If you'd like to purchase those scent roll-ons separately you can visit our Single Note Roll-ons.

In rare cases, if one of the above oils is out of stock, we will swap it out for something similar.

If you'd like to try an alcohol based perfume instead check out our Single Note Perfumes!