Reed Diffuser Base

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A Base for Your Reed Diffuser

 Looking to make your own reed diffuser blends? This this is the perfect base for you! Reed Diffuser base is used when mixing fragrance or essential oils with this special liquid agent to make a reed diffuser oil. It makes the fragrance or essential oils thinner so that they flow up the reeds and into the air easier. Please note that not every fragrance is compatible with our reed diffuser base, but so far all of our oils that we have tested have been great! This product is safe, does not contain DPG (Dipropylene Glycol), and has no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) restrictions in any state.

Vetiver recommends a 3/1 dilution when mixing your own reed diffuser oils. This is three parts Reed Diffuser base to 1 part fragrance or essential oil. You will want to fill your container about 2/3rds full of product. So for a 3.5 oz bottle you will need 2 oz of Reed Diffuser Base and 1/2 oz of your fragrance blend. This is just a starting recommendation, feel free to experiment!

Product Details

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Reed Diffuser Base 2 years 152.4°