Fragrance Making: Episode 1

Posted on April 24, 2017 by Angie Andriot

In this video we discuss coming up with an inspiration for your new fragrance. 

Here is the link to our Peeps Perfume recipe!

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Designing a Love Potion

Posted on February 07, 2017 by Angie Andriot

Okay, so you wouldn't DRINK this potion. 


This is all about the scent experience. 

But that is not to say it is any less potent. Scent is powerful. It bypasses our conscious mind, exciting our id and unearthing past memories of lost loves, lost experiences, and better times. 

How can we harness this power for love? First, you have to know your beloved. 

Start with the top note (a bit backwards, but hey, that's love for ya.) What is the first impression your beloved sends? 

  • Warmth? Allspice (Also, it's an aphrodisiac. You're welcome.)
  • Joy? Orange blossom
  • Kindness? Violet
  • Serenity? Green tea 

Then move onto the heart. What is in your beloved's heart? 

  • Mystery? Absinthe
  • Passion? Smoke
  • Sensuality? Jasmine
  • Romance? Rose

Finally, explore your beloved's foundation. Think deeply. 

  • Amber for old souls
  • Chocolate for generous souls
  • Ginger for ornery souls
  • Tobacco for mighty souls

Put these all together and get a fragrance that is sure to entice. The magic? It's in the depth of thought you have put into contemplating every aspect of your beloved. 

Happy Valentine's Day. 

(photo by seyed mostafa zamani)

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The Scent of Love

Posted on February 03, 2017 by Angie Andriot

Love is in the air! 

Valentines Day is just around the corner, and heck - let's face it - the world could use a little love right now. 

How does a perfumery celebrate love? With fragrance, of course! Rose may be the scent that most people think of when they think of love. And it is! 

A common ingredient in love potions, the rose is an ancient symbol of love and beauty. It is sacred to Isis and Aphrodite, and is often used to symbolize the Virgin Mary. In ancient Rome, roses were placed on the door to rooms where private matters were being discussed–hence when we tell someone a secret, we are doing it “sub rosa,” or “under the rose.”

Be on the lookout as we celebrate love this month, with perfume recipes, more scent ideas, and maybe even a love spell or two :).

In the meantime, enjoy this Getty article on how perfume was made back in the good ole' days, check out The Scent of Love: Ancient Perfumes

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Happy Anniversary!

Posted on June 20, 2016 by Jessica Reynolds

Greetings Vetiver Fans!

Hello again, it has been another wonderful year here at Vetiver and we have all of you to thank for our prosperity and growth. Your reviews, feedback, and support has made us into the great company we inspire to be. It's been 5 years since Angie started this adventure because she loved the art of Perfumery, and we also have her to thank for making this small business into a dream come true.

So we would like to thank our customers by giving everyone free shipping for the next two weeks on any order placed in the United States of America! For our international customers we would like to show our appreciation by giving you a 5% off discount code to use on your order, when placed between now and July 4th, 2016! Use discount code [ty5celebrate ] at checkout! Both of these promotions end July 5th, 2016 so make sure to get your orders in.

We have also reached our goal of 1,000 likes on Facebook! It took a little longer than expected but it was fun to watch our fan base grow. We would also like to congratulate our two winners Sarah Wagner-Ranes who won our Perfume Gift Set, and our surprise winner Ezada-Capri Alexander who won a Pocket Perfume Kit. Thank you everyone for participating!

Perfumer's Corner
I had a customer email me with a very good question and thought I would share my answer to their inquiry here. They were wondering if it was important to use all three notes (top, heart and base) when creating a custom blend.

Well to be honest perfumery is part science and part art. The science comes from the chemistry of the compounds and how they react to one another, how the carrier agent dilutes the blend, and the final mixture that you'll come to love. The art is really where you get to be creative! Of course there are dilution recommendations (you can find these on our FAQ page under Perfumer Questions), and blending guidelines but once you understand why those recommendations are in place you can play with your mixtures!

The short answer is no, you do not need all three. You can blend as few or as many notes as you like! We even sell Single Note Perfumes on our website! They can be all top notes, or a mixture of any of the three. However, to have a well rounded perfume with good staying power you will need to add all three notes. Remember these guidelines are just a starting point, feel free to experiment and use your creativity to create a truly unique blend.

   Top Notes

Browse our Top Notes!When you first inhale you are smelling the top notes. Also called head notes, they are very strong in scent. They are perceived immediately upon the application of a perfume. Top notes consist of small, light molecules that evaporate quickly. They form a person's initial impression of a perfume and thus are very important in the selling of the finished product. The scents of this note class are usually described as "fresh", "assertive" or "sharp". We recommend a 30-50% of your perfume be top notes.

   Heart Notes
The Heart note is the scent of a perfume that emerges just prior to when the top note dissipates. The middle note compounds form the "heart" or the main body of a perfume. They serve to mask the often unpleasant initial impression of the base notes, which become more pleasant with time. Not surprisingly, the scent of a heart note compound is usually more "mellow" and "rounded". Scents from this note class appear anywhere from two minutes to one hour after the application of a perfume. We recommend 30-50% of your perfume be heart notes. Browse our Heart Notes!

   Base Notes
This is the last and final scent that appears close to the departure of the heart notes. The base and middle notes come together to form the main theme of the perfume. Base notes bring great depth and solidity to a perfume. Compounds of this class are often the fixatives used to hold and boost the strength of the lighter top and heart notes. Consisting of large, heavy molecules that evaporate slowly, compounds of this class scent are typically called "rich" and "intricate". They are usually not perceived until at least 30 minutes after the application of the perfume or during the period of dry-down. Some base notes can still be detectable in excess of 24 hours! Browse our Base Notes!

Well those are all of our updates for now!
Have a happy and safe Independence Day! <3
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Facebook Giveaway & Mother's Day Discount!

Posted on April 27, 2016 by Jessica Reynolds

Greetings Vetiver Fans!

Mother's Day is right around the corner so this year Vetiver employees thought we would do something special. We are currently at 929 likes on Facebook, and we are hoping with your help to get to 1,000! To find out more details and enter our contest click here. We are also offering 10% off all orders placed on May 1st. Use discount [ momsrule16 ] at checkout. (Note this discount cannot be applied to bulk items.) If you are looking for some shopping inspiration for Mother's day, check out these gift ideas! We gift wrap all perfume making kits at no extra cost, so leave us a request when you checkout if your purchase is for a special occasion.

We hope everyone has been enjoying our new oils. We sure have been loving the new scents! Remember to grab a New Oil Sampler if you are looking to try them out. We also have our Spring Sampler available in the shop as well, to help you expand your collection of Seasonal Oils. All of our other sample sets have been updated to include our new oils.

We do have some sad news about our Bay Essential Oil. It has now been discontinued from our website. It has become impossible for us to resource this wonderful oil and it will be missed. OurEssential Oil Kit has been updated to reflect this change. If you have any suggestions on essential or fragrance oils you'd like to see us carry you can always send us an email at We are always excited to hear suggestions from our customers.

Now for some good news!  We now offer free shipping on all of our Amazon Orders! We have also listed UPS as a new mail carrier. Alcohol products may now be shipped through either UPS or Fed-ex. A lot of our customers have requested that we carry this shipping carrier and we listened! Please remember that alcohol based products must still be shipped ground (not eligible for air mail), and cannot be purchased for international orders.

Well we hope all of you have a wonderful Mother's Day and a Happy Month of May! Good luck to all who enter our give-away!

Well those are all of our updates for now! Have a great month! <3
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Spring into March with these new oils!

Posted on March 22, 2016 by Jessica Reynolds

Greetings Vetiver Fans!

Spring is upon us once again and we can finally shed those winter blues and prepare for warmer weather! The flowers blooming seems to bring about newness and inspires many of our creative spirits. So what better way to celebrate than releasing 5 new oils?! That's right we are leaping into the season with these fantastic new fragrance notes:

Blackberry (heart note / fruitaceous family) - a favorite scent from wines to desserts it will give any blend a sweet, succulent feel.
Blood Orange (heart note / fruitaceous family) - entice your senses with this exotic fruit that ignites your hunger and brightens your aromas.
Freesia (top note / efflorescent family) - a beautiful and soft floral melody that will sweep you into a cheerful mood.
Pink Peppercorn (heart note / gourmand family) - a chic, spicy pepper that is feminine and crisp, perfect for that little kick.
Tonka Bean (base note / gourmand family)- a mellow blend of earthy beans that brings harmony to many other notes.

Theses are all available in our store now! You can purchase them all along with a our three released oils from the holidays (Blue Spruce, Firewood and Sparkling Aldehyde) in our New Oil Sampler. We also have our Spring Sampler available in the shop as well, to help you expand your collection of Seasonal Oils.

We would also like to announce our Short Perfume Tester Strips are back in stock! However we still do not have word when our Bay Essential Oil will return. There is a shortage of this particular oil and we are having trouble restocking this item. I know a lot of you have asked for an estimated time of availability, but we do not have a set date at this time. I promise to keep you updated when we have any new information.

We have unfortunately had to removed the ability to discount our Bulk Oils. These are already priced for bulk discount and we are giving these away at cost when they are discounted any further, especially with our free shipping offer. We had planned to remove these larger sizes from the site, but we have a lot of customers that buy these bulk sizes regularly. In order to keep these size options available you will no longer be able to use your coupon codes on them. If you purchase other things in the same order however, you will still receive your discount from those items!

For Spring Break, Vetiver Employees will be on Vacation. So orders placed 3/23/16 to 3/29/16 will not be fulfilled until 3/30/16. We will also not be answering emails or phone calls. Our Amazon Store will also be on hiatus until we return. We hope you guys have a wonderful holiday as well!

Well that is our updates for now! Have a great month! <3
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Black Friday Savings & Holiday Schedule

Posted on November 25, 2015 by Jessica Reynolds

Happy Holidays!

If you are shopping for a great deal then this Friday is the time to buy! We are offering 10% off all of our store items on Amazon. Click here to visit our Amazon Store!

Also we will be closed Thursday November 26th, 2015 for Thanksgiving. No orders will be shipped or fulfilled this day.

As a reminder if you are preparing for your holiday orders, please keep in mind the following deadlines. We will maintain an updated estimate on how long it is taking to get orders out, but we cannot guarantee a delivery date after the package is in the hands of the post office (sorry!). 

Local orders must be placed by December 20th and must be picked up December 21st. We are closed December 22nd - 27th so you will be unable to retrieve your order during these times.

USA orders must be placed by December 18th in order to be most certain you will get your order in time, unless you pay for rush delivery (which moves your order to the top of our fulfillment list), or Express Shipping (in which the post office guarantees 1-2 day delivery). Or you can do both. The last day to make Express Rush orders is by NOON Monday, December 21st. But that is putting a lot of faith in the post office! Better get your order in sooner.

International orders must be placed by December 1st in order to be most certain you will get your order in time.

Stay tuned for Cyber Monday deals, and have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Well that is our updates for now! Have a great month! <3
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