About Us

Vetiver Aromatics provides the supplies, resources, and information you need to make your own perfume. We sell only the highest quality ingredients and supplies for perfume making, including fragrance oils, essential oils, fragrance bases, glass vials and perfume bottles, and perfume making tools. All our oils are phthalate free and VEGAN!

Our perfume making kits are also very popular! 

This isn't a big, impersonal company here. It's a small operation run mainly by few people, along with the occasional part-time help. So when you contact "the company" with questions, you will be speaking directly to our manager, Chris or the owner, Angie. We love helping others find their own inner perfumer by providing not just the supplies for practicing the mad science of perfumery, but also education about the craft. You can get started with your education now for free by subscribing to our newsletter. And don't worry, I won't spam you.

If you have any questions, you can email us at sales@vetiveraromatics.com or message us on Facebook page (and be sure to like the page while you're there!).

- Angie Andriot, Owner

- Christian Spray, Manager