Shipping Terms and Conditions

Please read our Shipping FAQs and Terms & Conditions below. By checking out with us you agree to the following:

Free Shipping - Does your order qualify?

Your order qualifies for free shipping if your order is being shipped in the USA and is $100.00 or more. Free shipping is USPS Priority (2-3 days).

Exceptions to this is (1) if your order is 14 oz or less, then it will be shipped USPS First Class or (2) your order contains Perfumer's Alcohol, in which case it will be shipped Fed-ex or UPS Home/Ground. If you pay for Priority Mail when your order qualifies for free shipping, you will not receive faster shipping.

Fulfillment Schedule - When will my order go out?

Vetiver Aromatics fulfills all orders Monday through Friday 10 am to 5 pm EST. 

Most orders go out within 5 business days. 

Weekends, Government holidays, and Vetiver holidays or vacations do not count as a business day. During the holidays (Nov - Dec) our fulfillment schedule increases to 7-10 days. We fill all orders first come, first serve.

Perfumer's Alcohol - Can you ship Perfumer's Alcohol to me?

If you purchased Perfumer's Alcohol, please be aware:

1) We cannot ship Perfumer's Alcohol overseas or via Air Mail. So this product is unfortunately only available only here on the mainland of the United States. Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and Outlying Territories are not allowed. If you purchase this as an international customer you will be refunded for this product and it WILL NOT be shipped to you.

2) If you purchase any product containing Perfumer's Alcohol, it will be sent to you via Fed-ex or UPS (ground options only) as your method of shipment. USPS will not ship Perfumer's Alcohol. Orders totaling over $100 are still eligible for free shipping if they contain Perfumer's Alcohol.

3) If you plan to order more than 5 gallons of Perfumer's Alcohol per year you are required to file for a permit with the Tax & Trade Bureau of the United States of America. If you do not have a permit, we can only sell you up to 5 gallons per calendar year.

To file for your permit, please visit:

For more information about SDA Perfumer's Alcohol Rules and Regulations visit:

USPS Shipping - What is the difference between First Class, Priority, and Express Shipping?

We ship almost all packages via USPS, which will in turn be delivered by your country's local post office. Below are USPS expected delivery dates for most major countries.

 Inside the United States International Orders
Priority First Class (up to 13 oz.): 3-5 business days Priority First Class (up to 13 oz.): varies by destination
Priority US Mail: 2-3 business days Priority International Mail: 6-10 business days
Express Shipping: overnight to most US locations Express International Shipping: 3-5 business days


International Shipping - Do you ship to my country?

The items we sell may also be restricted in your country. To save yourself frustration, time and money please check this list to see restricted wares in your country to make sure the items you purchase will clear customs: 

If customs denies your package entry into your country and the item is returned to us, we can refund your purchase cost but not your shipping fees. Currently the only country we cannot ship to is Turkey.

International Shipping - Do I have to pay duties/taxes?

If you live outside of the United States please be aware that your country may charge duties and taxes before you can receive your item. Your tracking number should notify you if that is the case.

Unfortunately sometimes an order, especially if it is large or during the holidays, can get held up in customs causing your delivery to be delayed.

Please understand that this is not Vetiver's fault. We have no way of knowing whether or not these fees will be charged nor how much they will be. They are not included in the cost of the item or shipping. 

We do not have control over how your country will handle and examine imports. If a fee is due, the cost will vary depending on where you live and the price of the item.

You can use this duty calculator here to estimate what those fees could be here:

International Shipping - Shipping Addresses

Please verify that your international shipping address can be found via Google Maps. Unfortunately we cannot to any address not verified by google maps. Please note all address lines have a limit of 35 characters.

Sending us an incorrect or bloated address can cause your order shipment to be delayed significantly. In the rare case we contact you and do not get back to us with a correct address, your order will be refunded and the shipment will be canceled.

PayPal Payment - Should I change my shipping address on PayPal?

Yes, if you are paying for your order with Paypal please be aware that Paypal will use the address you have on file with them for your shipping address. It doesn't matter if you provide us with the correct address.

Please make sure your Paypal shipping address is current, correct and updated. Vetiver is not liable for shipments sent to the wrong address. These orders cannot be replaced or refunded if lost in this way.

Tracking Number - My tracking number has been used before, what do I do?

Some mail carriers reuse their tracking numbers. Occasionally you might receive a tracking number that has been used before and displays outdated information. As soon as your package arrives at its first scanable location, the tracking number will reset. Please allow 24 hours for your tracking number to update with the correct address.

Have shipping questions?

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