Good news for Indiana customers!

Short story: You no longer will be charged sales taxes! You can now buy Vetiver products at the same price as everyone else! 

Long story: After calculating Indiana Retail Sales Taxes for 2013, I realized that my in-state sales were LESS THAN 1% of Vetiver's overall sales for the year. And I haven't dug into the site's data enough to know whether that's just some weird coincidence (Hoosiers don't like making their own perfume?), or if Indiana residents are less likely to buy from Vetiver because it costs them 7% more than they were expecting. 

And that just doesn't seem fair! So, until further notice, I've set up the site to include taxes with the product cost. As such, Indiana customers no longer pay more for their item than everyone else. I'm paying your sales tax out of my profits, and considering it a marketing investment. 

Bring on the local business! 

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