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Vetiver has been preparing for the upcoming holidays and we hope you are too. While most of you find yourself heading back to school or busy preparing for fall we here at Vetiver have been buzz with a new product: Beeswax!

This carrier is popular for creating solid perfumes, lip balms, candles, homemade salves, lotions and soaps! It doesn't spoil, it retains moisture, prevents microorganism growth, and has great health benefits. Because we are introducing a new perfume carrier we'd like to take this time to help educate you on the differences between them.

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Perfumer's Corner

When designing your custom fragrances there are plenty of options to choose from when you are looking for a carrier agent. Alcohol, Oils and Waxes will all produce very different types of perfumes! So what is the real differences between them and how do you know which one is right for you?

What is the purpose of a carrier agent?

Carriers are a base material that "carries" the scent of your fragrance. A carrier agent has three functions: protect the wearer, lift and carry the scent, and dilute the fragrance. Most essential and fragrance oils cannot be applied directly to the skin. Diluting the oils in a carrier is the perfect solution to help put a protect barrier between yourself and the ingredients of the perfume. Even with essential oils too much is a bad thing! You also need to carry the scent so others can smell your perfume. Alcohol is well known for this as it evaporates it puts the fragrance into the air around you. Oil and wax however is long lasting because it is absorbed into your skin. Depending on the form and strength of your perfume is what carrier agent you need to choose:

Perfumer's Alcohol

Perfumer's Alcohol is the most popular carrier agent for perfume oils because of its method of application. The alcohol allows your perfume to be spritzed any where you would like to apply your fragrance. As the alcohol in the fragrance evaporates, it carries the scent away from you and allows for a stronger presence. Our perfumer's alcohol blend is SDA 40B and widely used in the professional perfume industry. The pure grain alcohol is 200 proof and ready to be made into all of your custom creations such as: Perfume, Eau de Parfume, Eau de Toilette, Cologne, Eau de Cologne, After Bath Spray and Air Freshener!

Fractionated Coconut Oil

Fractionated coconut oil is a common carrier for perfume oils, due to its odorless scent and lack of greasy residue. It is also popular among massage therapists for their massage oils, for similar reasons. Its lack of greasy residue and overall colorlessness also means it is less likely to stain clothing than some other oils.

This is coconut oil that has been modified so that it remains liquid at room temperature. The liquid is remarkably thin – its molecules are even small enough to fit through the holes in many atomizers. Color and smell can vary from batch to batch, as with all natural products, but it is typically fairly clear and relatively odorless.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a preferred carrier for perfume oils because it so closely resembles human sebum, the natural oil that your skin and hair produces. It is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy residue. Our jojoba oil is 100%jojoba, unrefined, cold-pressed, and filtered. Color and smell can vary from batch to batch, as with all natural products, but it has a lovely natural honey color and a characteristic slight nutty odor. Because of its health benefits, jojoba is widely used in many skin and hair care products around the world.


Beeswax is an ancient and natural carrier for creating solid perfume. Our beeswax is cosmetic grade and refined to purify the wax and remove any residue from being in the honeycomb. It comes in its natural yellow form and is in little beads to make melting and mixing easier for you. Remember beeswax should always be melted by double boiler method and not directly over heat. The wax has a pleasant honey smell and is well known for its fixative properties helping to anchor more volatile fragrance notes. Beeswax is also perfect for those working within a natural perfumery palette.

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