It's almost Valentine's Day! Do you have your gift?

It's almost Valentine's Day! Do you have your gift?

Greetings Vetiver Fans!

Yes its that time of year again! Love is in the air and with all this romance abound perhaps cupid has paid you a visit. If so, not to worry as Vetiver has lots of items that make the perfect gift for that special someone. We'll help make this Valentine's Day the best one yet! Just check out our selection of Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for inspiration for your next gift.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner we encourage everyone to get their orders in the next few days if you wish to have your items before the holiday. And to help you last minute romantics we are offering a 10% coupon on all orders (excluding bulk oils) from now until February 14th! Make sure to use discount code [ lovebird16 ] to save you some extra cash. What's not to love about that?

Also you should head over to our Facebook Page for our first giveaway of the year! One lucky winner will receive two of our Frosted Heart Shaped Bottles. To enter to win all you need to do is like our Facebook Page and make a comment on our giveaway post. Good luck to all that enter! <3

Design your own Love Potion!

Okay, so you wouldn't DRINK this potion. No, this is all about the scent experience. 

But that is not to say it is any less potent. Scent is powerful. It bypasses our conscious mind, exciting our id and unearthing past memories of lost loves, lost experiences, and better times. 

How can we harness this power for love? First, you have to know your beloved. 

Start with the top note (a bit backwards, but hey, that's love for ya.) What is the first impression your beloved sends? 

  • Warmth? Allspice (Also, it's an aphrodisiac. You're welcome.)
  • Joy? Orange blossom
  • Kindness? Violet
  • Serenity? Green tea 

Then move onto the heart. What is in your beloved's heart? 

  • Mystery? Absinthe
  • Passion? Smoke
  • Sensuality? Jasmine
  • Romance? Rose

Finally, explore your beloved's foundation. Think deeply. 

  • Amber for old souls
  • Chocolate for generous souls
  • Ginger for ornery souls
  • Tobacco for mighty souls

Put these all together and get a fragrance that is sure to entice. The magic? It's in the depth of thought you have put into contemplating every aspect of your beloved. <3

Well those are all of our updates for now!
Have a Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
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