Designing a Love Potion

Designing a Love Potion

Okay, so you wouldn't DRINK this potion. 


This is all about the scent experience. 

But that is not to say it is any less potent. Scent is powerful. It bypasses our conscious mind, exciting our id and unearthing past memories of lost loves, lost experiences, and better times. 

How can we harness this power for love? First, you have to know your beloved. 

Start with the top note (a bit backwards, but hey, that's love for ya.) What is the first impression your beloved sends? 

  • Warmth? Allspice (Also, it's an aphrodisiac. You're welcome.)
  • Joy? Orange blossom
  • Kindness? Violet
  • Serenity? Green tea 

Then move onto the heart. What is in your beloved's heart? 

  • Mystery? Absinthe
  • Passion? Smoke
  • Sensuality? Jasmine
  • Romance? Rose

Finally, explore your beloved's foundation. Think deeply. 

  • Amber for old souls
  • Chocolate for generous souls
  • Ginger for ornery souls
  • Tobacco for mighty souls

Put these all together and get a fragrance that is sure to entice. The magic? It's in the depth of thought you have put into contemplating every aspect of your beloved. 

Happy Valentine's Day. 

(photo by seyed mostafa zamani)

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