DIY Perfume Recipes for Summer

DIY Perfume Recipes for Summer

Schools are letting out, pools are opening, and the hot sun beats down as days lengthen and nights grow short. Summer is here.

On days like this, pulling out that warm sweater and snuggling up by the fireplace with a mug of hot cocoa feels out of place. Likewise, those cozy and comforting smells that winter brings can seem wrong for summer.

It’s time to break out your lightest, airiest scents to match the season. 

What does summer smell like?

Summer evokes water and fresh-cut grass, summer fruits, and flowers. You’re looking for something refreshing and airy. Something that screams beach house or boat ride.

Think back to your favorite summer memories—what scents come to mind for you?

Feeling uncertain? Grab one of our summer perfume kits to get our favorite summer scents, along with everything you need to make a refreshing summer fragrance.

Perhaps you already have a favorite summer perfume or cologne and are looking for a way to replicate it.

Creating a DIY fragrance that matches a designer's scent can sound daunting–and getting an exact match is nearly impossible without a lab of your own.

But never fear!

The goal here is inspiration, not replication. Perfume is a blend of science and craft. Use the information about your favorite fragrance’s main accords and notes to experiment and create something you love that is inspired by your favorite fragrance.

Here are three of our favorite summer parfums and colognes, along with the Vetiver Aromatics fragrance notes and essential oils you would need in order to create something inspired by these fragrances.

We have arranged them from most to least complicated.

Want to share your custom blend with others? Email it to us at and we’ll share it on our website.

Valaya Parfums de Marly


Good Girl Gone Bad Eau Fraiche


Waterlily Cologne by Jo Malone London

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