Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

Greetings Vetiver Fans!

Its been another wonderful year together! Vetiver is now 6 years old! It seems like yesterday when I started working with Angie. From local perfume parties to a full online business we sure have grown, and we have each of you to thank for that. So this month we are offering free shipping on all orders placed in the USA. So if you've been excited to try some new scents, then now is the perfect time!

Speaking of new scents, we received some great suggestions from our fans on our facebook page about what notes to add next to our collection. Congrats to Judy Wadsworth and Aayusha Shah, the winners of $10 gift cards for our Win it Wednesday giveaway!

I'm also excited to announce we have a live chat feature. During business hours we are available to chat with us, and if it is after hours you can send us an email instead. So if you are ever visiting our site and have a question, then please feel free to drop us a line!


Perfume Wearing Tips

Now that you've made your very own scent here are some tips to make sure you slay your new fragrance!

1. When to apply your perfume?
          Perfume is best applied to clean, moisturized skin. So instead or spritzing on your outfit, give your self an aromatic shower before you dress! Make sure your skin is moisturized so your natural oils can help carry the perfume with you all day long.

2. Where to apply your perfume?

         Ladies and gents around the world have applied perfume to their pulse points for centuries. The secret is because heat activates perfume  and the places on your skin where you can feel your pulse are thinner and the warmth of your blood can help stimulate your scent. Some examples are: behind your ear, the bottom of your throat, on your wrist, inside your elbow and even behind your knee!

3. Don't overdo your scent!
          Its easy to go overboard on your scent! We've all had that one friend or family member who bathes in cologne or perfume and is a bit off putting. The more we wear a fragrance the more accustomed we become to its scent and it will seem as if our fragrance isn't as strong as before. So when applying your scent get to know the amount that is right for you and stick with it. It can also help to switch up your scents so your senses don't get bored!

4. Store your perfume correctly.
          Perfume is best stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. There is no need to refrigerate your fragrance, but doing that certainly doesn't hurt. The most important factor is to keep your perfume out of UV Rays as they break down your fragrance faster. An airtight container is also a must, especially for alcohol based perfumes as oxygen will cause your fragrance to break down faster and evaporate.

5. Try layering your scents!
          Experiment with your fragrance combinations to come up with new and exciting combinations! We have a Perfumer's Palette Kit that has 12 great scents you can roll on to create a new scent everyday. Or you can purchase our Single Note Perfumes and layer them also!


Well those are our updates for now! However you choose to celebrate this wonderful season, we hope it is a happy and healthy one. <3

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