Spring into April with this fun Sampler!

Spring into April with this fun Sampler!

Greetings Vetiver Fans!

Spring has finally come again! Perfumers rejoice and lovers get ready to tie the knot! This time of year has everyone a bit twitterpated, and for good reason too! Who can resist all those yummy smells that burst forth from the grass and trees each year? So to kick off the season we'd like to invite you to win our very own Spring Sampler!

This 1/8 oz sampler comes with a 12 wonderful oils that will give you that fresh and floral scent you've been craving to wear! This set includes: Bergamot Essential Oil, Freesia, Fresh Dirt, Fresh Water, Gardenia, Green Tea, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Lily of the Valley, and Rosewood.

If you would like to enter to win just hop on over to our facebook page and comment on our Win it Wednesday post for your chance to be gifted this great prize. For everyone else we know you are expecting a trick this April Fools, but Vetiver is just full of treats instead! We'd like to offer everyone a 10% off coupon on their order. So why not be a little mischievous this time of year and give yourself something special? Use discount code [noaprilfool17 ] at checkout to save on any order placed April 1st, 2017.

Also if you are a Bride to Be or a Maid of Honor looking for a great addition to your bridal shower, check out our Fragrance Bars! Everything is premixed and easy to set up. Your guests will have a wonderful time making a unique gift they can remember you by. We have many different sizes and selections, and can work with you to set up the perfect party that you're friends and family are sure to love!

Scent Families

We have lots of different scent families at Vetiver, and a sampler to match each! I'd like to show you the differences so you can decide for yourself which oils are best for you! You can always browse for a specific family by using the drop down menu from "Perfume Ingredients" and search for "Shop by" then selecting "Scent"!

Efflorescent / Floral

  Evoking true floral scents, efflorescent oils represent a slightly feminine and highly traditional component of the perfumer's table. Try our Efflorescent Sampler!

Fruitaceous / Fruity

  Fruitaceous scents bring the cool freshness of fruit to the perfumery. Each provides a touch of subtle sweetness to the perfumer's formulations. Try ourFruitaceous Sampler!

Gourmand / Food

  The scents which bring to mind the lushious passion of fragrant edibles are "Gourmand." These oils bring deep notes to a fragrance as decadent as the foods from which their scents derive. Try our Gourmand Sampler!

Verdant / Green

  Composed of lush, green scents that call forth the fresh vegetation of spring and summer, verdants are a breath of renewal in almost any fragrance. Try our Verdant Sampler!

Terrestrial / Earthy

  For the deep, alluring scent of nature's rebirth, one must look to the earth below. Terrestrial scents do just this, evoking the subtle tones found in fields and forest floors. Try our Terrestrial Sampler!

Arboraceous / Wood

These scents bring forth the character of woods and saps. Arboraceous scents represent some of the most historic and storied scents available to the perfumer. Try our Arboraceous Sampler!

Of course if you would rather just have all the oils you can buy our Complete Sample Setinstead! We have a special sampler just for our Essential Oils as well. Don't forget you can also add up to three 1 ml samples to your order for free just by leaving us a note of what fragrances you want to try. Unfortunately, we cannot give more than three per order, but this still allows you to sniff many scents before you buy a bigger size.

Well those are our updates for now! However you choose to celebrate this wonderful season, we hope it is a happy and healthy one. <3

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