Scent Story: Osmanthus

Posted on January 20, 2013 by admin

According to Chinese legend, the gates to the Moon Palace are decorated by a giant immortal osmanthus tree. The palace is inhabited by the Goddess Ch'ang-O, who swallowed a magic pill that gave her immortality, but at a price. She immediately floated off to the moon, and reigns in the Moon Castle as the Moon Goddess. There she met Jade Rabbit, and they became great friends. He is still working on a new magic pill that will give her the ability to fly home.

The Osmanthus, or tree olive, is an evergreen shrub native to Asia. The scent comes from its flowers, which emit a sweet fragrance evoking jasmine, violet, peach, and apricots.

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New Fragrance Oils!

Posted on January 03, 2013 by admin

Behold, we have released four new florals to welcome the new year! Now available:

You can find our full list of florals here. You can also purchase a floral sampler pack, containing 1/8 oz vials of all 10 of our florals! Then step into our materials section and pick up any other items you might need for perfume making, because 10 1/8 oz vials of fragrance base can blend to make at least 1 oz of perfume - 3 oz if you just dump all the oils together.

Anyone ever do that at the soda fountain? Mix all the sodas together and make a "suicide"?  How about a suicide floral blend? Do it. We dare you.

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