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Tagged: Perfumery

  • Eau de Macbook

    Ah, what's better than the smell of a freshly unboxed Macbook. I mean, that's what makes computers special right? The smell? Sure, there are people who cling to their old...

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  • Scratch & Sniff Jeans

    Holy cow I can have a raspberry-scented bum. And for $165, so can you! "But Angela!" (you might ask), "I don't want to have to walk around with raspberries tucked...

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  • SC Johnson Has Released its Fragrance...

    Ever wanted to know what it really means when a product's ingredients list says simply "fragrances"? Well, SC Johnson has provided exactly those details. Sort of. Of course, they don't...

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  • De-Stilling the Still Life

    This is the most amazing concept by Nikolaus Gansterer and Wietske Maas. Turn a famous painting into a fragrance in five not-so-easy steps! Take a still life painting of a...

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  • Making Scents

    Want to learn about about how perfume is made? Check out this nifty little video from the International Fragrance Association North America..

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