Everlasting Marriage

Everlasting Marriage by Ella Bennett

Below is my recipe for Lasting Marriage. A soft, smooth and lingering blend inspired by my Mother, who loves wearing all of the ingredients. Her wedding flower bouquet, some 30 years ago, contained all of the flowers and bean included in my blend. My father was the one to craft it for her on their special day.

To recreate Everlasting Marriage combine:

Rose EO (20 drops)
Chamomile EO (10 drops)
Honey Absolute (12 drops)
Patchouli EO (7 drops)
Vanilla EO (5 drops)
Jojoba Oil (10 ml)

While my blend doesn't contain many scents, I am a firm believer that sometimes "less is more" and you simply must try it!

***You may use this perfume recipe for personal, but not commercial purposes. © Ella Bennett 2015

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