Peeps Perfume

Peeps Perfume

Easter may be over, but the candy still lingers (at least, it does at our house!). In honor of this holiday--and the desire to extend it---we have created a Peeps perfume. 

Try it out yourself, and see what you think!

Check out our video for more on finding a fragrance inspiration.

Toasted Marshmallow 40%
Bergamot 4%
Honeysuckle 16%
Blood Orange 10%
Vanilla 10%
Almond 10%
Peach 10%

You can use either fractionated coconut oil (FCO) or perfumer's alcohol as your base. If you do not have perfumer's alcohol, Everclear works fairly well.

All of these oils are available in our store! Just click the fragrance names.

*Photo is by Dawn Endico (

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