Basil Essential Oil

Size:1/8 oz

About this Essential Oil

Sweet Basil ct. linalool oil has a sweet, pleasant, earthy, spicy aroma that's reminiscent of the fresh leaves used in Italian cooking.

Basil Mythology

Basil means many things to many civilizations. A sacred herb of India, basil is sometimes grown in Hindu homes as an emblem of happiness. It is also a symbol of love and faithfulness in both India and Italy, and accepting a sprig of basil in Romania signals engagement. In Haiti, basil is associated with a voodoo love goddess. But the herb is more than simply a symbol of love. In ancient Rome, basil was known as “basiliscus” for the feared basilisk, a dragon that could kill with a look. Eating basil protected from the basilisk and cured poison.

Product Details

Type: Family: Note: Flashpoint: Botanical Name: Plant Part: Extraction Method: Origin: Documents:
Essential Oil Verdant Heart 167° ocimum basilicum Leaves Steam Distilled USA MSDS, IFRA


Pure Essential Oils

All our essential oils are premium grade, alcohol-free, phthalate-free, and undiluted. They are 100% pure, and sourced only from the most reputable distributors. We work hard to ensure that your perfume ingredients are top-quality, highly concentrated, and will mix neatly with both alcohol and oil bases. These are not ready to wear as fragrances – they MUST be diluted before applying directly to skin. It is always a good idea to do a patch test for allergies, even with natural materials. And of course – do not eat the oils. No matter how yummy they may smell.

Note: Although these are phthalate-free and 100% natural, they are NOT non-toxic. Don't eat them. Don't drink them. Patch test on skin. Dilute before wearing.

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