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Hand Sanitizer Kit

Hand Sanitizer Kit

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Fragrance Combinations

Sanitize in style!

This is hand sanitizer for the discerning individual. Why carry around a plastic bottle when you can have your hand sanitizer in a glass cologne bottle with a metal spray cap? Why settle for the same scent everyone is wearing when you can have a custom-scented hand sanitizer? A hand sanitizer that makes a statement. 

This is what you get

  • 2 oz liquid hand sanitizer base (70% alcohol)
  • 3 1/8 oz vials of fragrance notes
  • 60 ml rectangle glass cologne bottle
  • 2 empty 1-dram vials
  • 3 droppers

Want a scent not listed above? 

We are happy to personalize even more! If you want scents that are not listed above, just leave us a comment when you check out. But do make sure we carry the scent first. You can find a list of our fragrances here. If it is a more expensive fragrance, we will just fill the vial with slightly less scent, so don't worry about price when you are exploring! 

Why fancy?

Because you deserve it. 

Well...and we know hand sanitizer is in short supply right now. So when we found a supplier that was selling some in bulk, we got it! And then we realized that none of the suppliers we know are carrying spray caps for our plastic bottles (and this is a hand sanitizer spray). But we were not deterred! We have bottles that spray! We have cologne bottles! And thus the seed was sown. 

Giving back

These are tumultuous and anxiety-ridden times. We want to do our part to help. So, all the profit from these kits will go to the CDC Foundation. "Together our impact is greater." We feel that the work the Center for Disease Control is doing right now is sacred and deserves to be supported. With your help, we shall.


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