Hand Sanitizer Kit

Fragrance Combinations:Green Tea | White Musk | Leather

Sanitize in style!

This is hand sanitizer for the discerning individual. Why carry around a plastic bottle when you can have your hand sanitizer in a glass cologne bottle with a metal spray cap? Why settle for the same scent everyone is wearing when you can have a custom-scented hand sanitizer? A hand sanitizer that makes a statement. 

What's included?

  • 2 oz liquid hand sanitizer base (70% alcohol)
  • 3 1/8 oz vials of fragrance notes
  • 30 ml rectangle glass cologne bottle
  • 2 empty 1-dram vials
  • 3 droppers

Want a scent not listed above? 

We are happy to personalize even more! If you want scents that are not listed above, just leave us a comment when you check out. But do make sure we carry the scent first. You can find a list of our fragrances here. If it is a more expensive fragrance, we will just fill the vial with slightly less scent, so don't worry about price when you are exploring! 

Why fancy?

Because you deserve it. 

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