How To Make Perfume: The Art and Science of Making Perfume

Ah, the joys of mixing fragrances!

When done correctly, perfume is more than a mere olfactory experience. It is a travel through time, a mythical adventure, an artistic masterpiece, and a (mad) scientist’s creation.

In the end, perfume is about people.

It’s our connection to culture, tradition, history, mythology, spirituality, and by extension, each other. Mixing fragrances requires a dash of artistry, a splash of imagination, and a healthy dose of mad scientist.

Embed this activity in the centuries-old craft of perfumery, and you have more than just a nice-smelling ointment; you have a little piece of creation made by your own hands. Plus, you have connected yourself to a rich and vast tradition of harnessing the power of scent.

In this five part series about how to make your own perfume, we’ll consider how each step in perfume making affects your final product, and give you tips on how to proceed.

Lesson One: Carrying Your Scent

Lesson Two: What Are The Different Fragrance Families

Lesson Three: What Are Scent Notes?

Lesson Four: How To Mix Your Perfume Ingredients

Lesson Five: Natural vs. Synthetic Fragrances