Oil Types

Essential oils and fragrances, although different, can both be used interchangeably in perfume blends, soaps, and other scent based creations. Each have their benefits. All of our oils are premium grade, alcohol-free, phthalate-free, and undiluted. We work hard to ensure that your perfume ingredients are top-quality, highly concentrated, and will mix neatly with both alcohol and oil bases. These are not ready to wear as fragrances and MUST be diluted before applying directly to skin. It is always a good idea to do a patch test for allergies, with both natural and synthetic materials. And of course – do not eat the oils. No matter how yummy they may smell. [Browse all our complete oil collection here]

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are naturally occurring substances found in different parts of plants - the blossom, fruit, leaf, stem, bark, wood or resin. Through a complicated and often expensive process of steam distillation or solvent extraction, both hydrosol and essential oils are produced. Each essential oil is comprised of between 50 to 500 different naturally occurring chemicals, which can have both positive and negative effects. Most essential oils are used for aromatherapy. They are used in a way to positively affect physical, emotional and mental health. They enter the body through the skin (via massage or bath) or the olfactory system (via a diffuser or humidifier). Essential oils may be used to enhance mood, to relieve symptoms such as pain, fatigue or inflammation, or be used to kill germs. They are also used in the cosmetic and fragrance industry as well. [Browse our essential oils here]


Fragrances, on the other hand, are manufactured scents. By definition, the term "fragrance," (at least as it is used in the industry) always implies the use of synthetic aromachemicals. Sometimes fragrances may contain essential oils, but essential oils will never contain synthetic ingredients. Fragrances are specifically designed to mimic the scent of a natural product (such as coffee fragrance oil) or are created to invoke a feeling (for example "toasted marshmallow"). The range of scents is broad and fragrance oils are usually very affordable. Fragrance Notes are used primary in the cosmetic and perfuming industry to add scent to a variety of products for the body. They are also used in products for scenting the home such as candles, reed diffusers, lampe bergers, incense and oil warmers. [Browse our fragrances here]