1 Dram Vials

One dram is about 3.7ml, and 1/8 (.125) or so of an ounce. 

These 1 dram vials are perfect for storing your fragrance experiments. The vials come in a sturdy cardboard box for storage. Small sizes come in brown kraft jewelry boxes. If you order 144, they arrive in a corrugated white box with dividers. Caps attached.

5 vials $2.00 .40 per vial
13 vials $4.55 .35 per vial
56 vials $16.80 .30 per vial
144 vials $36.00 .25 per vial

These vials are clear glass, with black polypropylene foam lined caps. 15 mm X 45 mm, 4 ml Screw Thread. Neck Size 13-425. We also have golden screw thread droppers that fit these!