Amber Fragrance Note

Size:1/8 oz

Amber Mythology

Amber is an ancient tree resin that has been fossilized through a combination of heat and pressure. Some amber dates back over one million years. Scientists call amber the “window into the past,” since it contains microcosms of life from the times when it was formed. Ancient Greeks named the substance electron, in homage to the Sun God, one of whose titles was Elector or the Awakener. Amber emits a musky fragrance when burned, and has the ability to attract other substances. As such, the terms electricity and electron come from the Greek word for amber.

NOTE: Our amber oil has a high percentage of resinous materials that can make the mixture cloudy and affect its ability to be used in candles. 

Product Details

Type: Family: Note: Flashpoint: Documents:
Synthetic Fragrance Arboraceous Base 200° MSDS, IFRA


Premium Fragrance Notes

All our synthetic fragrance notes are premium grade, alcohol-free, phthalate-free, and undiluted. We work hard to ensure that your perfume ingredients are top-quality, highly concentrated, and will mix neatly with both alcohol and oil bases. These are not ready to wear as fragrances – they MUST be diluted before applying directly to skin. It is always a good idea to do a patch test for allergies, with both natural and synthetic materials. And of course – do not eat the oils. No matter how yummy they may smell.

Note: Although these are phthalate-free, they are NOT non-toxic. Don't eat them. Don't drink them. Patch test on skin. Dilute before wearing.

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