Autumn Sampler

Size:1/8 oz

Sample all 12 of our all autumn themed fragrances. This set includes your choice of 1/8 oz, 1/4 oz, or 1 oz vials of our oils, including:

fragrance name fragrance type fragrance family fragrance note
Absinthe (wormwood) essential oil verdant heart
Apple fragrance note fruitaceous top
Blood Cedar essential oil arboraceous heart
Cinnamon fragrance note gourmand heart
Dragon's Blood fragrance note terrestrial heart
Leather fragrance note terrestrial base
Maple fragrance note aboraceous heart
Patchouli essential oil terrestrial base
Pomegranate fragrance note fruitaceous top
Rose fragrance note efflorescent heart
Toasted Marshmallow fragrance note gourmand heart
White Musk fragrance note terrestrial heart

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