Complete Sample Set

Title:1/8 oz (1 dram)
  • Want to have all the oils we feature on our site for your own collection? This sample set gives you the option for either 1/8 oz, 1/4 oz, or 1 oz  of all of our fragrance AND essential oils! This sample set will come nicely boxed to store your collection. 

Full list: 

Absinthe (Wormwood) EO Fresh Dirt Patchouli EO
Allspice Fresh Water Peach
Almond Gardenia Pear
Amaretto Ginger Root EO
Amber Grapefruit Pink Peppercorn
Apple Green Tea Pomegranate
Apricot Herbaceous Rose
Basil EO Honeysuckle Rosemary EO
Bregamot EO Jasmine Rosewood
Blackberry Kiwi Sage
Blood Orange Lavender EO Sandalwood
Blue Spruce Leather Smoke
Cedarwood (Blood) EO Sparkling Aldehyde
Chocolate Lemon EO Strawberry
Cinnamon Lilac
Coconut Lily of the Valley Teakwood
Coffee Lime Toasted Marshmallow
Magnolia Tobacco
Dragon's Blood Mango Tonka Bean
Egyptian Musk Maple Vanilla
Eucalyptus EO Myrrh Vetiver EO
Fig Nag Champa Violet
Firewood Neroli EO Blend Watermelon
Floral Aldehyde Oakmoss
Franincense Orange Blossom White Musk
Freesia Orange EO Wild Mint
Fresh Cut Grass Osmanthus Ylang Ylang

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