Size:50 Pack Pipettes

Plastic Pipettes

The large bulb disposable plastic pipettes are perfect for dispensing small amounts of liquid. These are a great size for making a bottle of perfume, or for creating sample portions. They have a 5 ml Capacity and a 2 ml Draw. They have a 0.181 inch Stem Diameter and are 6.1 inches long. This package contains your choice of either 50,100, or 500 pipettes.

How to Use Pipettes

Use these bulb pipettes to measure out drops of liquid for making perfume. Simply squeeze the bulb, dip it into the liquid, depress, and watch as the magic of air pressure and surface tension cause the liquid to rise into the bulb. Then squeeze it out, gently, drop-by-drop, into your container of choice. Just take care to not get your pipettes mixed up if you’re working with more than one fragrance at a time. And definitely use a different pipette for each fragrance, to avoid cross-contamination.

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