4 Inch Glass Medicine Droppers

Quantity:1 dropper - $1.00

Glass Medicine Droppers

These glass droppers do not have a screw thread- instead, they have a simple bulb top. Measuring in at 5 inches (including bulb - 4 inches just the glass), these glass droppers are longer than our screw thread droppers. Also, they are perfect for hosting your own perfume making parties, where scads of disposable pipettes would just clutter the workspace and cause confusion. In fact, these are the very droppers that come with the fragrance bar!

Not to mention the benefit to the environment, as you are not disposing of all that plastic every time you work! Downside: since you’re keeping these for reuse, you do have to clean them. Or have your minions take care of it for you.

How to Use Glass Droppers

Use these glass droppers to measure out drops of liquid for making perfume. Simply squeeze the bulb, dip it into the liquid, depress, and watch as the magic of air pressure and surface tension cause the liquid to rise into the bulb. Then squeeze it out, gently, drop-by-drop, into your container of choice. Just take care to not get your pipettes mixed up if you’re working with more than one fragrance at a time. And definitely use a different pipette for each fragrance, to avoid cross-contamination. Clean them by doing the above process with alcohol. I like to use vodka. One for me, one for the dropper, one for me....

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